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WPMU DEV - The WordPress ExpertsI recently became a member of WPMU DEV. I wasn’t sure how it would help me so I signed up for a monthly subscription first. I was working on some WordPress websites and needed some technical assistance. I started posting on the WPMU DEV forums and all of the sudden, these experts were responding to me and answering my questions! All of the sudden it was like a had a team of people to consult with and provide valuable information quickly. They’ve already helped me save time on more than a few projects, so I decided to buy a full membership for a year. As a web designer/developer, this kind of support is a must! They don’t just offer support for their own products either. They will advise you on the best solution that meets your specific needs, even if it means using a plugin they didn’t develop…. although they do develop a lot of cool plugins. I even posted a small project and found a developer to help me out on a membership site.

If you are using WordPress or developing for WordPress, I would recommend that you try this out. Sign up for one month, just to see how useful it is. I think it’ll change your life… and make things a lot easier.