Writing a new post is a simple as:

1. Go to Posts > Add New
2. Give your post a title

Add your Post title

3, Add your content

  • The Write post area works similar to any Word processing software.
    Simply write your post, highlight any text you want to format and then
    click the appropriate icon in the toolbar to add formating such as bold,
    italics, number list.
  • If you hover over an icon it’ll tell you what each feature is used for.
  • Click on the Show/Hide sink icon to access the Advanced formatting
    toolbar for features like bold, italics, number lists, bullet points etc

Write content of post

4. Add your tags and categories
5. Click Save Draft then click Preview.

  • This will open up your post in a new browser tab so you can view what it looks like on your blog before it is published.
  • You do this to review what you have written so you can go back to your post to make any necessary changes.
  • It’s important to check visually how your post looks on your blog and make changes so that it is easier to read online.

Preview Post

6. When finished writing click Publish.