Your website needs to be maintained.

It’s very important to keep WordPress and Plugins up-to-date due to increased security risks. Updates can cause compatibility issues and conflicts. Allowing an experienced WordPress Developer to make these updates can reduce issues caused by updating WordPress and Plugins.

I offer these plans:

Website Maintenance Plans

Yearly: $480/per website

or 6 Months: $275/per website

Services include:

Ongoing Monitoring for Security and Issues
Update WordPress, Plugins, Theme/Template
Backup Management
Malware/Spam Scan/Clean
Basic SEO Reporting (Google Analytics Setup)
Site Analysis & Recommendations
Site Optimizations
Website Care Reports

*Special hourly rate for Plan members: $75/hr for all work and/or projects outside the Maintenance Plan (versus the regular $100/hr)
Please read FAQs below

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Why should I sign up for a Maintenance Plan?

There are many reasons but here are a few important things to consider. First, to give my clients the best service that I can provide and make sure their websites are working properly and securely. Second, I’m personally investing in software, plugins, and subscriptions that are needed in order for me to provide a high level of service. I also use premium plugins on many of the websites I develop. I have to pay a yearly subscription to keep these plugins updated.

Can’t you just update the site when I ask and invoice me for the time it took?

You don’t have to sign up for a plan. If I need to make updates to your website, I will invoice you for the time it takes to make the updates. For example, if I spend 1 hour on making updates, I will invoice for $100. A huge benefit of opting into the Maintenance Plan is that you will get a reduced hourly rate (25% off) for work outside of maintenance during the life of their plan.
Regular hourly rate: $100
Plan Members hourly rate: $75

How many times a year does WordPress and Plugins get updated?

WordPress and the plugins are constantly getting updated. Whenever WordPress gets updated, most likely a plugin will need to be updated to ensure functionality and compatibility. To give you an idea of how many times a year WordPress gets updated, click on this link:

How much do you charge if additional time is needed?

As long as you are a subscriber to one of the plans, any additional maintenance that needs to be performed as recommended will be billed at $75/hr instead of the current hourly rate of $100/hr. Options and estimates will be provided to you prior to any additional work that falls outside of the scope of the services in the plan.

When will you update my site and how long will it take? Will my site be down during updates?

I will check your site monthly and determine when the best time is to perform the updates. The amount of plugins you have installed increases the complexity and risks of having conflicts when updating. When updating WordPress, your site will be in maintenance mode for a short period of time. If there is a conflict or an issue with a plugin, some functionality could be lost until the conflict is resolved. For example, if a plugin is no longer being maintained or has a security issue, we may need to find another solution in which case, I will need to estimate what that project will cost.

What happens if there is a plugin conflict?

Updates can cause conflicts between WordPress and Plugins. I am not liable for these compatibility issues since I not the developer of the plugin or WordPress. I will attempt to fix it within the time I’ve allotted for maintenance. I may need to revert back to the old version of the plugin or additional time may be needed to resolve the issue. I will provide details and options to you in the Website Care Report.

Should I make the updates myself?

By entering this agreement, please do not update anything without my knowledge and consent. You could easily damage your site and it could take many hours, even days to fix it. Some servers do not allow specific plugins and updates through WP Admin. Some plugins use a special developer license that I pay for. Sometimes plugins have not been tested with the latest version of WordPress.

My site works just fine… Why does it need to be updated and maintained?

Security is pretty much always one of the reasons for upgrading. But there are other reasons that you might be forced to upgrade- server software updates, for example. Web hosts will update PHP versions which can cause older versions of WordPress and Plugins to no longer work.  Javascript changes because it is built into web browsers. WordPress and Plugins are always evolving. New features might being added that will allow you to do more cool things. When developers stop working on a plugin, it becomes obsolete and unsecure. You don’t want to wait until something breaks or you get hacked. A website is like a house or car, you have to keep them maintained to ensure they are safe and reliable.

Can you guarantee my site won’t get hacked?

Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee your site will not be hacked. Hackers will always find new ways to exploit WordPress and Plugins. This is why it is important to keep everything updated. I will do everything I can to prevent your site from being hacked.

Is this a contract?

This is not a contract. This is a simple agreement between you and me.