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Editing Posts & Pages in WordPress

The Edit Post and Edit Page area in your administration panel where you see a listing of all the saved posts/pages, 20 posts per page, that you’ve written on your site. In this screen you can search for posts/pages and once located you can either edit or delete them....

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Add New Post in WordPress

Writing a new post is a simple as: 1. Go to Posts > Add New 2. Give your post a title 3, Add your content The Write post area works similar to any Word processing software. Simply write your post, highlight any text you want to format and then click the appropriate...

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Overview of HTML5 Forms

HTML5 has a bunch of form-specific features that all make forms on the web better. Browser support for the features is all over the map, but many of the features can be thought of as progressive enhancement, so if it works, great, the form is better, if not, whatever....

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I recently switched servers which meant I had to move about three WordPress websites. I also had to move a client's website from a development server to the live server. If you've ever had to do this for a WordPress website then you know how much of a hassle it can be...

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The best WordPress, Multisite and BuddyPress resource and support site on the web. I recently became a member of WPMU DEV. I wasn't sure how it would help me so I signed up for a monthly subscription first. I was working on some Wordpress websites and needed some...

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